{FD} Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos tells Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I felt a burning sensation’ when I was shot

The Mandalay Bay security guard who sparked national interest after disappearing from the public spotlight surfaced this week on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, revealing new details about the moments before Stephen Paddock began his massacre in Las Vegas.

{FD} Mystery as Vegas police stop news conferences on massacre, call wounded guard a ‘victim’

The Mandalay Bay security guard who slipped out of the public spotlight in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting is not a missing person, police told Fox News on Tuesday, amid continuing questions about his whereabouts.

{FD} Mandalay Bay security guard was shot six minutes before Las Vegas gunman began shooting, police say

A Mandalay Bay hotel security guard who ran into Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock ahead of last Sunday’s massacre is being hailed a hero after he took the shooter’s first bullet, potentially saving lives ahead of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

{FD} Vegas cops describe 12 minutes of hell in gunman’s sniper lair

Las Vegas cops described in harrowing detail Sunday the tense 12 minutes they spent trying to breach mass murderer Stephen Paddock’s sniper lair — and the paranoia that gripped them once they were inside.

{FD} Las Vegas gunman seemed like ‘a rational man,’ Steve Wynn tells ‘Fox News Sunday’

A week after a gunman used the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel as a hunting perch to kill 58 people in what is the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history, casino magnate Steve Wynn says the gunman was known to staff, seemed like “a rational man,” and that beefing up security, re-training staff and implementing strict “do not disturb” rules are key to keeping visitors safe.

{FD} Dramatic body-cam footage shows police rushing to hotel as gunshots ring out

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released body-cam footage of officers on the scene responding at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where 64-year-old former accountant and millionaire Stephen Paddock shot down at a crowd of 22,000 people at a county music festival Sunday night.

{FD} Las Vegas shooter installed cameras in and out of hotel room ahead of ‘premeditated’ attack

The Las Vegas mass murderer who killed dozens and injured hundreds by shooting them from 32 floors up deliberately planned out his attack, which included installing an unknown number of cameras inside and outside of his hotel room, officials said on Tuesday.

{FD} Vegas shooter’s weapons cache included devices enabling automatic gunfire, report says

Stephen Paddock’s ability to kill scores of concert-goers Sunday night came from his use of modified semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines, something that enabled him to shoot hundreds of rounds in just a few minutes.

{FD} Las Vegas police, feds race to uncover what drove ‘aggressively unfriendly’ gunman with weapons arsenal to kill

Law enforcement officials were working Monday to determine what may have motivated a gunman described as "aggressively unfriendly" — with an arsenal of weapons — to kill at least 59 people and wound more than 510 enjoying a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.